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Website SEO Common 14 Mistake See Here

Hi all webmaster how are you. Alongside the advancement of innovation, different principles and controls of internet searcher are continually refreshed and moving forward. In the meantime, everybody is continually utilizing diverse kinds of new procedures to get the highest point of the web indexes. Because of modernizing the web crawler, the website admins have received different new methodologies in the challenge of the best indexed lists. As a result of the web crawler calculation refreshes, numerous sites don't rival the quality rivalry in light of the fact that their guests are diminishing. Thus numerous Web advertisers are leaving their online business.

Site design improvement (Search engine optimization) is the most widely recognized 14 botches!

Amid this season of rivalry, many are abusing some normal purposes behind not understanding Web optimization, which is putting their site a long ways behind in the indexed lists list. Think about the general sense that in the season of rivalry, where the Search engine optimization will be baffling legitimately, at that point what will happen to your blog/site if there is a wrong Website design enhancement? By and large, the sort of article distributer who has committed an error, we will talk about those mix-ups today.

1. Terrible Watchword Choice 

Not having the capacity to choose Watchword appropriately is the most well-known one off-base. As a rule, an article distributer can begin composing a post without agonizing over watchword choice or without catchphrase inquire about. Because of the way that there is a decent article in the post inside the post, the coveted post can not be in the great position of the web crawler due to not legitimately applying the fitting watchword. Before you begin composing the subject, you will have the capacity to check Catchphrase precisely what sort of watchwords are being sought on the web and what sort of catchphrases are essential for them, and so on. For this situation, you can pick the privilege and suitable watchword, your post will have the capacity to position the highest point of the web search tool.

2. Watchword Stuffing 

Most website admins imagine that while composing an article, the watchword can be discovered more than the catchphrase in each sentence. Subsequently, an article distributer is utilizing Catchphrase in his pointless superfluous place inside his post . For this situation, because of the mind-boggling utilization of Catchphrase in a post, the web index post is set apart as spam. Regardless of having a decent article posting an article distributer, the web index does not get great outcomes. When composing an article you will attempt to keep Watchword Thickness in 5% to 6%.

3. Utilize insignificant catchphrase 

I have witnessed this blunder on numerous great sites. Much of the time, an article distributer composed an exceptionally decent post, yet for the post he ought to have picked another watchword rather than the catchphrase. For this situation, the post can not rank well in web search tools. Since web indexes will dependably Catchphrase Related articles. Think normally that you are composing a post about "Android" subject, however in the post-freeze there is a great deal of engraving about Windows than Android topics. For this situation how would you assess the post. Despite the fact that the issue isn't actually the equivalent as my precedent, yet much of the time it is close by. It should be well remembered that the subject you are expounding on should give more significance to the post.

4. Non-Unique Substance 

I generally encourage everybody to compose the extraordinary substance of goodness on the point that I have totally overlooked without duplicating any blog/site content. Since it is anything but difficult to get a guest on the blog and the principle content is the quality substance of good quality. Because of modernization of web crawlers, all web indexes can now effectively duplicate the replicated articles. For this situation, in the event that you don't distribute substance of others on your blog, you can without much of a stretch hunt the substance of your blog to web crawlers. When you utilize the new one of a kind substance on the blog, this substance will have the capacity to convey the guest to your blog. Utilizing your blog by replicating content from another blog can not be fruitful at all.

5. Deluding Title Labels and Meta Portrayals 

These two labels are imperative in website streamlining. Since when the web crawler has some inquiry utilizing any catchphrase, the web crawler first scans for the post title tag . For this situation, on the off chance that you get a watchword against the title tag, your post will be effectively available in list items. Then again, on the off chance that Catchphrase isn't found in the Title tag, the web search tool is hunting down the watchword inside Meta Depictions . In the event that Watchword is found in Meta Portrayals, there is a more prominent shot of posting results in indexed lists. Consequently, I would state that while composing these two sections, you should have a decent blend of catchphrases, compose Title Labels and Meta Depictions.
Alongside the improvement of innovation, different principles and directions of internet searcher are always refreshed and making strides. In the meantime, everybody is always utilizing diverse sorts of new methods to get the highest point of the web indexes. Because of modernizing the internet searcher, the website admins have received different new procedures in the challenge of the best indexed lists. As a result of the internet searcher calculation refreshes, numerous sites don't rival the quality rivalry in light of the fact that their guests are diminishing. Accordingly numerous Web advertisers are leaving their online business.

 6. Back links do not exist
Back Links is an important contributor to increasing your blog's value to search engines . Most Bengali bloggers do not give any importance to this issue. However, if your blog is linked with the good website / blog then link from the website will bring Link Juice to your blog. That will not be the only regular posting. After posting a new post, you can link your blog with a good blog that is relevant to your post with various logic. It will also be actively contributing to increase traffic in your post.

 7. Internal Links
Internal links are not going to be a cause for blog post, another common mistake. If you always keep this thing in the middle, then I would say you're the biggest fool. Because there is no problem for this matter. While posting, you can link posts that match some of your new posts through Anchor Text. It will help search engine Crawler Crawl quickly index to your new post . Although this will not be able to bring you visitors directly from the search engine, but visitors from other places in the search engines or from other places will be able to increase the page view by staying in long positions.

 8. Non-Responsive and Non-Mobile Friendly Designs
Google recently urged to create a mobile friendly website. Because people are now doing a lot of computer work through mobile. Besides, Google has also announced the announcement in April / 2016, whose blogs are not Mobile Friendly, they will have adverse effects on their blog / website SEO. If your website is still the only compatibility version of the old era, then you can not expect to get visitors from different types of small devices. In this case, your blog will be deprived of huge traffic. Therefore , it will be wise for a good web developer to design your blog Responsive and Mobile Friendly.

 9. Do not use Social Media
At present, the use of social media has increased so much that everyone is using social media sites as a huge source in order to get traffic on the website. In this case, if you do not share your posts in good quality social media, then you will be deprived of huge traffic. In the name of your website, you can create a page in different types of social media and share the post. Besides, you can increase traffic to your blog by sharing your post by joining different groups of social media.

 10. Do not traffic traffic
Regardless of what kind of traffic is getting from your source on your blog, and what kind of keywords have traffic coming from search engines, a common mistake is also made. You might say that this topic is not related to search engine optimization or will not contribute to the increase in traffic. Yes, even though it will not directly contribute to the increase of traffic, but by researching it, you can take clear ideas about what you need to do in future and what kind of keywords you need to post in your blog with a lot of traffic sources, keywords and so on. One of the most popular and most popular tools in the world today is Google Analytics. If you like, you can easily add it to any website or blog. From this tool, there are very few clear ideas about the details of a website.

11.URL SERP Parameters & Google Instant

I just wrote about parameters you can append to Google SERP URLs. I’ve heard folks complain they aren’t able to add parameters to the end of Google SERP URLs anymore — such as &num=100 or &pws=0 — since Google Instant appeared on the scene. Fear not, it’s a simple matter of turning Google Instant off and URL parameters will work again.

  12.Not returning a 404 status code when you’re supposed to

As I mentioned previously, it’s important to return a 404 status code (rather than a 200 or 301) when the URL being requested is clearly bogus/non-existent. Otherwise, your site will look less trustworthy in the eyes of Google. And yes, Google does check for this.

13.Trusting the data in Google webmaster tools

Ever notice Google Webmaster Tools’ data doesn’t jive with your analytics data? Trust your analytics data over the webmaster tools data.

14.Not thinking in terms of your (hypothetical) Google “rap sheet”

You may recall I’ve theorized about this before. Google may not be keeping a “rap sheet” of all your transgressions across your network of sites, but they’d be foolish not to. Submitting your site to 800 spam directories over a span of 3 days is just plain stupid. If it’s easy enough to see a big spike in links in Majestic SEO, then it’s certainly easy enough for Google to spot such anomalies.

common issues are hurting many sites' optimization efforts. Our research shows that a lot of websites have very serious on-page SEO issues. Yes, not all of them impact your rankings equally. However, bad SEO is not always about a direct violation of search engine rules, it sometimes results from simply not taking proper care of your website and your users


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